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Truly an adventure for your family.

Cambodia’s temples and lifestyles bewitch global travelers and the immersing experiences are both enjoyable and educational. Here we have 8 best things to do for families and you should include at least half of them.


What to Expect from Cambodia ...

  • Angkor Wat bewitches all travelers and your kids will love running around in the maze of tree-woven ruined temples.
  • An insightful review on Cambodia's history is pricelessly educational for both adults and kids.
  • A large part of the country is covered in dense forest, offering outdoor trips, cycling, boat rides, and trekking in nature.
  • Tourism in Cambodia is striving and relatively less costly than other Asian countries, yet great experiences and services are promised.

8 Best Things to Do/See for Families

While the locals greet you friendly and delicacies are freshly served, you get to fully immerse in the world-class services along with interesting sightseeing and experiences. That’s the image of a family adventure to Cambodia. What kind of activities should be included in your itinerary? Here are some ideas ...

1. Historical Insight: Yesterday & Today

With a significant weight in world history, Cambodia's recent history is mind-provoking. A well-arranged insight visit designed for family with young kids will provide distinctive insights.
Places: Killing Fields and S21 Museum in Phnom Penh, Wat Thnmey, Landmine Museum, and War Museum in Siem Reap, Killing Cave in Battambang
Gatsby's Tips: Some content might be unpleasant for young children and it's subject to change upon request.

3. Temple Tour: Little Indiana Jones

The grand loop of Angkor Wat (including Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, and Ta Prohm) can be completed by a 2-day visit, if you got one day to spare, why don't you crank it up a bit? Venture to some less-crowded temples and own the ruins all to yourselves: climb up the trees, play hide-and-seek in the long verandas and empty halls.
Places: Ta Som, Preah Khan, Beng Meala, Rolous Group, Preah Vihear, Kbal Spean, Neak Pean, Banteay Kdei, Bophoun, and more...

5. Sunrise & Sunset: Mountaintop Viewing

The epic picture of the sun rising up in purple morning mist with a backdrop of Angkor Wat serves as a solid reason for your kids to get up early. Set up a race and see who gets to the mountain top first before the sunset. Sit on the platform while the sky is dimming down. That's what we call quality time.
Places: Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Rolous Group, Ta Keo, Pre Rup, East Mebon, and Mountain Bakheng
Gatsby;'s Tips: Sunrise is better in the dry season

8. Arts: Music Instruments, Crafts & Dance

Apsara dance might be the most prominent feature of Khmer traditional arts albeit art forms differ. Khmer arts are much intertwined with religion and daily life, offering chances to get hands-on experiences: try playing a Khmer zither, learn Apsara dance or wood carvings. Most schools attribute to local communities' welfare.
Places: Gatsby's arranged classes of Instrument playing and Apsara dance in Siem Reap
Gatsby's Tips: Better for kids over 6 years old

2. Market Visit: See How They Bargain

Asia's markets are always the most interesting venue to get a taste of local life. Cambodia is no exception. Funky-looking street food, seasonal fruits and fresh juices, delicate trinkets, toys and clothes at low prices, it's fun to shop or just walk around and watch how the locals bargain for deals.
Places: Russia Market, Central Market, and Night Market in Phnom Penh, Angkor Night Market, Old Market and Pub Street in Siem Reap, Otres Market and Old Market in Sihanoukville

4. Boating: Around Temples or Mangrove

Besides walking or cycling, did you know you can also take a boat to visit Angkor Wat? Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake, Tonle Sap Lake boasts for unique lifestyles of the floating villages and home to precious birds and flooded mangrove. There's nothing like a boat rode through the dense mangrove forest that soaks you up in nature.
Places: Boat around Angkor Thom, Tonle Sap boat ride around Kampong Phluk and Prek Toal
Gatsby's Tips: Only in the rainy season

6. Outdoor: Cycling, Caving, and Trekking

For families with young adults, we strongly recommend some days set aside to explore the country's nature bestow: following the stream to a waterfall, cycling from village to village, trekking up to the timeworn abandoned temples or going into mysterious caves (under safety guiding). Cambodia's national parks and natural trails would make an excellent outdoor adventure.
Places: Outdoor Activities in Cambodia
Gatsby's Tips: Better and Safer in the dry season

8. Beach: Boating, Swiming, & Relaxing

After an adventure, time to relax! Fly down to the southern coast of Cambodia and you will find unspoiled beaches with nice family-friendly hotels and resorts, as well as a great range of water sports that keep your kids entertained while you can loosen up with a spa treatment.
Places: Beaches in Cambodia
Gastby's Tips: Beaches in Cambodia are of better value and less-touched white sandy beaches; activities include fishing, boating, diving, and etc.

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