Rick Sammon Review and Testimonial

Rick Sammon

Godfather of Photography

I can honestly say these guys produce perhaps the best organized, and most fun , photo workshops I’ve seen in 30 years of traveling the planet."

Trey Radcliff Testimonial

Trey Radcliff

Worlds Top Travel Photog Blog

“These guys are awesome, understand cameras and know all the cool places.”

Scott Kelby Photo

Scott Kelby

“The best I've worked with. They've built relationships with the locals; know all the great spots, and take great care of everybody. You'll come home with the shots and experiences of a lifetime.”

Jim Harmer Testimonial

Jim Harmer

“I’ve worked with photo guides all over the world, but these guys are the best I’ve ever worked with!”

Average Rating 5 out of 5 stars

Rick Sammon

People want to know how much you care – before they care how much you know. From the moment Andy and Mia picked up our workshop group, it was evident that this dynamic knew their stuff and cared, very much, about everyone meeting his or her goals. Their Guilin workshop was the best ever. Read the full review > “Rick Sammon”

Rick Sammon

Best China photography Tour – Well Organised – Maximised my Photo Opportunities

I had to balance photography with two teenagers, but I took the best photos with these guys during my entire China trip…. Nice guide, funny, easy going, and flexible, and the boys loved spending time with George… I regard myself as a technically competent photographer but my guide attracted my attention to a couple of points that made my photos even better. Read the full review > “Best China photography Tour – Well Organised – Maximised my Photo Opportunities”

Dennis S

One great day on the Li River and around Yangshuo

What a day. Mia could not have been more accommodating and all had a wonderful time. Read the full review > “One great day on the Li River and around Yangshuo”

Paul N

Terrific photography experience

They considered everything–our photography wishlist, vegetarian diet (tricky in China), budget, and athletic abilities (or lack thereof).  Read the full review > “Terrific photography experience”

Kim G

Great Guide and Travel Company

We spent time on the on Yulong River, Li River, Longji, and took a long hike through the rice paddy fields. We enjoyed each part of the trip. Most importantly, Mia never stopped working at trying to be sure we had a great experience. Read the full review > “Great Guide and Travel Company”

Jeff C

Great Trip

I took 1500 pictures in 5 days and relive the wonderful experience as I sit and edit to my hearts content each night. This is an awesome part of China for photographers and even in my case where the landscapes were difficult because of bad weather we found plenty of opportunities in the old villages. Read the full review > “Great Trip”


Amateur photographers from Indonesia

We really enjoy the trip and your patient and help to my friend who can’t move fast due to his long time injury on his knee.  Read the full review > “Amateur photographers from Indonesia”


Exceeding expectations from A to Z!

They take you to places where other tourists don’t go, off the beaten track…They know all the “special” activities in the area (we went on a bamboo raft down the river Li, saw the authentic Cormoran fishermen in action, did an e-bike tour on the countryside,…) Read the full review > “Exceeding expectations from A to Z!”

Bart C

Once in a lifetime experience!

We explored the ancient town of Xingping, including the local market. A highlight of the evening was taking pictures of the Cormorant Fishermen at sunset on the Li River. Read the full review > “Once in a lifetime experience!”

Greg B

Guilin photo tour

They are the best there is in Guilin. Period. Nothing or nobody can give you a better service then they can. Read the full review > “Guilin photo tour”

Nic D

Best Guides

…we have had a great photography tours with Mr. Andy Beales and Mrs. Mia Beales Read the full review > “Best Guides”

Michell T

Amazing Experience

I planed my trip to Guilin in advance and Mia was always very responsive and helpful during the planning. Guilin Photography Tour made our trip to the Guilin area unforgettable.… Read the full review > “Amazing Experience”

Vincente F

Outstanding tour!

Andy and Mia took us to the most amazing stop, a dream for photographers of all kinds. They share with us the same passion for photography, making them the best guides you could find.  Read the full review > “Outstanding tour!”

Thierry H

If I could give them 6 out of 5 stars I would!

Mia & Andy have spent considerable time ensuring photographers come home with portfolio worthy shots. Our photography workshop would not have been nearly as rewarding if it were not for this power couple. Read the full review > “If I could give them 6 out of 5 stars I would!”

Darin M


All in all, you can’t ask for better guides, they really made our visit to the Guilin area spectacular. Read the full review > “Best”

Tom L

Amazing Adventure

Andy and Mia got us to some of the most amazing locations with plenty of time to set up and get some amazing photos. We had good accommodations with great local food. Read the full review > “Amazing Adventure”

Jeff P

Superb guides, a must for photographers visiting the Guilin regiuon

They not only took us to the top places, but they managed to find locations that were not known/frequented by the other tourists. They had a good working knowledge of photography which helped at each location to identify the right spot and were also able to recommend the best lens and angle to shoot the shot. Read the full review > “Superb guides, a must for photographers visiting the Guilin regiuon”

David L

Trustable and Professional

When it comes down to it, you leave this tour with gorgeous photos, stories and experiences that will shape your life, and just plain good company that puts you at ease and makes you feel good about your decision to spend time with Andy and Mia. Read the full review > “Trustable and Professional”

Ming-Tyh M

Perfect in every way!

We were able to photograph sunrises and sunsets from some of the most amazing spots on earth. Read the full review > “Perfect in every way!”


A portfolio shot each day

What sets them apart is that they are expert and passionate about their photography, as they were as excited as we were to get some great shots. Read the full review > “A portfolio shot each day”

David W

Simply Outstanding

You couldn’t ask for anything more. You could explore the area on your own but it may take months or years to locate the many spots they have uncovered…. Read the full review > “Simply Outstanding”

Chris B

Experiencing and understanding traditional China – the perfect photo tour

Mia organized the perfect two day tour around Guilin covering the highlights, Cormorant Fisherman, Daxu Ancient Town, traditional Theatre and Xingping. Andy, our tour guide, showed us all the secret places while also helping out on photography questions! Read the full review > “Experiencing and understanding traditional China – the perfect photo tour”


Hidden Gem

They take you out to see the real China allowing their guests to experience how the locals truly live. Read the full review > “Hidden Gem”


An amazing, unique, unforgettable experience…

Mia and Andy present through their contacts and connections with the local people make for very special and unique photographic opportunities. This includes being able to spend time in local people’s homes, photographing local farmers working with their animals, the amazing cormorant fisherman, or having villagers model for you in traditional costume makes for an experience like no other – up and close and personal with the real China. Read the full review > “An amazing, unique, unforgettable experience…”

Cam H

Once in a Lifetime Experience of Longji, Yangshuo & Xingping! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

From seeing the Longji rice fields, the sunset setting amongst the Karst mountains with reflections off the rice patties, the mountain hikes with some of the greatest panoramic images I’ve ever witnessed, and the unforgettable experience within the Cormorant Fishermen houses and subsequent time with them fishing at sunset, I cant say enough positive things about the tour. Read the full review > “Once in a Lifetime Experience of Longji, Yangshuo & Xingping! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

Michael G

Amazing experience!

Local Chinese photographers are usually quite hopeless when it comes to photography, so I was quite happy when I had a Belgian photographer lead this tour…I did learn a few new techniques! Read the full review > “Amazing experience!”


A fantastic highly personalised photography trip – for and by photographers

The places we visited were Yangshuo, Xingping, Li River, Yulong River, Longji area with Pingan and Dazhai. It was jam-packed with photo opportunities of beautiful landscapes, interesting villages and people going about their daily lives. Read the full review > “A fantastic highly personalised photography trip – for and by photographers”


Amazing way to see such a beautiful place and meet such great local people

We took a bamboo raft down the river Li…and then we went to Xingping to visit the home of an old cormorant fisherman..who loved having his picture taken and then my highlight of the day I was lucky enough to get my own private shoot with another cormorant fisherman at dusk. Read the full review > “Amazing way to see such a beautiful place and meet such great local people”


Highly recommended for photographers – Andy and Mia are the best tour guides for Guilin!

Awesome service and impeccable value. Read the full review > “Highly recommended for photographers – Andy and Mia are the best tour guides for Guilin!”

David Tee

If you want a photo tour in Guilin, do not look further.

Mia…found me great places to sleep and she knows the locals so that I was able to take photos of people that I would have not been able to reach otherwise. She also knows all the best spots and she would protect the space for my shots, when other local photographers attempted to invade the territory. Read the full review > “If you want a photo tour in Guilin, do not look further.”

Gianfranco M

The best way to experience the Guilin-Yangshou area

Through their intimate relationship with the locals you get to see and meet the locals in ways otherwise will be close to impossible to do. Read the full review > “The best way to experience the Guilin-Yangshou area”


Guilin Photography Tour–The Best Way to See Authentic Guangxi Province.

Mia designed a tour that met my needs completely, allowing me to photograph spectacular scenery, while also taking me to small, historic villages where I could photograph people with whom she had built relationships…Mia was very pleasant and is one of the most well prepared, considerate guides that I have ever traveled with. Read the full review > “Guilin Photography Tour–The Best Way to See Authentic Guangxi Province.”


Great day!

We have been rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunrises ever on a mountaintop which we never had found…..we’ve taken so many astonishing beautiful photos! 
Read the full review > “Great day!”


Photo Tour

Mia provided a guide for me in August named Jerry. He was awesome! Read the full review > “Photo Tour”



This is a must see for anyone who enjoys photography.

Read the full review > “Amazing”

Dana S

Our main reason for visiting China

When we found about Gatsby’s Guilin photography tours, the decision was made. Difficult to find an agency providing such a complete service and amazing service too! We had a lovely tour with a lovely guide. It was worth every Euro. Read the full review > “Our main reason for visiting China”

Unai G

Best Photography Tour On the Planet!

Andy is an amazing person and has so much knowledge of the area and as an awardwinning photographer himself Andy helped my girlfriend and I walk away with hundreds of spectacular photos and wonderful memories we wont ever forget!! 
Read the full review > “Best Photography Tour On the Planet!”

Alex B

First Rate Tour for Serious Photographers

I asked Mia to arrange 5-day tour for me to photograph and meet cormorant fisherman, experience the rice terraces and visit some smaller villages. Through Mia, I had the opportunity to visit homes & shops. I was able to have conversations with the locals with Mia as interpreter. Read the full review > “First Rate Tour for Serious Photographers”


Tailor-made tour for photographers!

Jessica was a great and fun guide, who knew where and when to take us to the best spots for the blue-light and golden-hours photography. GPT made it possible for us to see and take pictures of the unspoiled Guilin, Yangshou, Xingping, and Longji Rice Terraces area! Read the full review > “Tailor-made tour for photographers!”


Once in a lifetime experience!

Meeting the Comorant fisherman with an individual that was able to speak the dialect, guiding and interpreting conversation, as well as direct you in photography, was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. Read the full review > “Once in a lifetime experience!”

Christine S

Boutique China Photography Tour

First, they use their local and photographic knowledge to plan a great trip based on your inputs and interests. Then one of them or both will be your guide during the trip and will be there to assist you if needed. Read the full review > “Boutique China Photography Tour”

France Le clerc

Fabulous photo tour with nicest people!

We had Mia as our guide, and this proved to be a real highlight as the fantastic relationship she had with the local people made all the difference. The respect she had for, and received from everybody we came in contact with was inspirational, and made all the difference in getting great shots of locals in their natural environment – from being guests in a local village house whilst the family cooked a meal, to authentic cormorant fishermen, we felt honoured and privileged to be treated as friends by all we came in contact wit Read the full review > “Fabulous photo tour with nicest people!”


Wonderful Experience!

I was able to see places I could never have seen on my own. I loved being in such a private group so we could customize as we went based on weather and my interests. Read the full review > “Wonderful Experience!”

Jennifer S

Excellent for Both the Novice and Pro Photographer!

It is like getting a private lesson from a professional photographer who is super nice. Read the full review > “Excellent for Both the Novice and Pro Photographer!”


The only company you need to consider….

Had 5 faultless days with Andy as my guide and cannot say enough good things about them. Read the full review > “The only company you need to consider….”


Made for perfection

I am a professional photographer and had the professional experience that i was looking for with them, and can easily name this company as the best photography tour that i’ve ever used in my photography experience.  Read the full review > “Made for perfection”


So much more than just amazing photos.

I came to China to learn about the people there and the land where they live. If you are looking for a trip that isn’t a bus and 10 stops then contact Mia and Andy. Read the full review > “So much more than just amazing photos.”

Carl G.

Amazing Unique China Experience!

The staff are incredibly knowledgeable , friendly, and concerned with your total experience and they work tirelessly to ensure you have the vacation you dreamed of. I’ve been to China over 70 times and their tour was by far the best organized, planned, interesting, and enjoyable tour I’ve experienced. Read the full review > “Amazing Unique China Experience!”


Incredible Experience!

From start to finish, this was perfection. Read the full review > “Incredible Experience!”

Jodi F

Fantastic Trip to See and Experience China

We got the great photos we wanted, and we also learned a lot about China and met some very interesting people in their environment. Read the full review > “Fantastic Trip to See and Experience China”


Perfectly organized, wonderful trip

Mia being European like us but being very familiar with people and landscape knew perfectly how to show and explain everything to us. Especially because of the little time that we had we really appreciated the perfect organization of every detail of our trip: accommodation, transport, people to meet. Read the full review > “Perfectly organized, wonderful trip”


Best Photography Tour in China!!

At one point at the top of the Yao Mountain, the lighting was so spectacular I was operating three cameras and my cell phone all at once in an attempt to capture everything. I walked away with stunning timelapses, panoramas, and shots of sunbeams shifting through the clouds as other photographers shouted in excitement. Read the full review > “Best Photography Tour in China!!”

Brendan T.

Simply the best.

They provide an experience that is simply unparalleled. Their ability to find unique locations, convince people to allow us to photograph them, and show us areas that are oftentimes unseen by tourists leaves you feeling like you experienced authentic China firsthand. Read the full review > “Simply the best.”

Erica C

Do yourself a favour and contact Andy & Mia about your trip to the Guilin area

I seriously cannot recommend Guilin Photography Tours highly enough. owner/operators Andy & Mia not only know the area and speak the language but know photography, composition and light. Read the full review > “Do yourself a favour and contact Andy & Mia about your trip to the Guilin area”


A Wonderful Experience

All I can say is Mia made our time in Yangshuo so special. Her friendliness, knowledge of the people and places, photography advice and enthusiasm enabled me to see China in a way I never could have done on my own. Read the full review > “A Wonderful Experience”

Astrid O.

More than just a photography tour

I could tell from the get go that they not only have a passion for photography and guilin, but also a passion to ensure every client gets the best experience they can offer.  Read the full review > “More than just a photography tour”

Hilda T

Excellent and professional photo tours

Mia was an excellent guide….Not to mention how much her help was appreciated when I broke my leg during the trip and she went very much beyond what was expected from her, just out of sense of responsibility and good heart. Read the full review > “Excellent and professional photo tours”


excellent experience

Although this tour is great for professional photographers, it is just as unique and worthwhile an experience for those of us less skilled….This was the best money we spent on our tour of SE Asia and quite possibly the best “tour” or experience of any of our travels around the world. Read the full review > “excellent experience”


Amazing experience

The whole day was amazing, from the early morning climb to the top of the mountain to see and photograph the sunrise over the most amazing scenery to the visit to the River Li to see Blackbeard the cormorant fisherman. Read the full review > “Amazing experience”


Amazing custom-designed photography or adoption heritage tours

They are warm, friendly, organized, and willing to create any type of experience you desire. Their itineraries already take you off the beaten tourist path, but they are also more than willing to help you explore or push the limits. And they are flexible enough to change plans at the last second, if the need or urge strikes. Read the full review > “Amazing custom-designed photography or adoption heritage tours”

Sheryl S

Don't tour Guilin with anyone else!!!

The Guilin photography team did not hesitate to put in long hours to make sure that we caught sunrise and sunset everyday and it is this type of effort that really takes your photography from good to excellent. Read the full review > “Don't tour Guilin with anyone else!!!”


The best photography tour in Guilin!

I would give them 100/100 on the flexibility part….They are truly professional! They make sure that you got the best picture in each location that they took you to. Read the full review > “The best photography tour in Guilin!”


Excellent Day Trip

The guide Mia was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and I learned so much. I even told her a story of a photo that i really wanted and we were able to change my itinerary to get that perfect shot. Read the full review > “Excellent Day Trip”

Quinten Q

Capture amazing photos of one of the most breathtaking places in the country

Between George and Greg they made an incredible team who helped me take amazing photos in what turned out to be, in my opinion, the most beautiful area in the country. I also gained the knowledge to take more photos of this caliber in the future. Read the full review > “Capture amazing photos of one of the most breathtaking places in the country”

Ruth L

Excellent photographic opportunities with very well organised and diverse program.

I was delighted to have numerous landscape, streetscape and portrait photography experiences; visiting rice paddies, small remote villages, mountains and rivers. Read the full review > “Excellent photographic opportunities with very well organised and diverse program.”


Perfect Photography Tours

Andy and Mia have fulfilled a niche that is critical for photographers interested in capturing the best of the local areas and most importantly, doing so at the right time of the day for lighting. Jessica also went the extra mile in meeting our individual needs throughout, making the entire experience very special.

Read the full review > “Perfect Photography Tours”


Excellent Photo Tour

As a photographer, I’ve worked with guides and fixers in various parts of the world and George ranks right up there with the best of them. Of all the wonderful things we did in China during our weeks there, George and the Guilin Photo Tour provided two of the most memorable days. Read the full review > “Excellent Photo Tour”


If photography is not a passion in your life take the Guilin Photography Tour anyway!

She taught us much about Chinese history and culture as well as sharing her knowledge of photography which assisted with getting great pictures.The ability to meet with people who the ordinary traveller would not have access to was an absolute bonus. Read the full review > “If photography is not a passion in your life take the Guilin Photography Tour anyway!”


Highly recommend!!

…Mia was extremely flexible and easy to arrange plans with. George was my tour guide and was extremely knowledgeable of the area, knew all the great scenic spots and was very patient and attentive. Read the full review > “Highly recommend!!”

Susanna C

Absolutely FANTASTIC in every possible way!

You guys were much more than travel guides, you were buddies, friends, caretakers, photographers sharing valuable tips and skills, etc…You offer the most unique travel experience that any photographer or amateur photographer would hope for. Read the full review > “Absolutely FANTASTIC in every possible way!”


Excellent even without the Sun

It was an excellent trip. Read the full review > “Excellent even without the Sun”


Perfect Photography Tour – Totally recommended

We were extremely lucky to have Mia and Andy as our guides during our trip, they are amazing, professional and passionate about what they do…Seriously we couldn’t have hoped for better and I so look forward to joining one of their other trips Read the full review > “Perfect Photography Tour – Totally recommended”


Excellent Phototour in Guilin

We had an amazing Time with our Driver and Guide George. He brought us to fantastic places for Sunrise and Sunset. Read the full review > “Excellent Phototour in Guilin”


Friendly, knowledgeable and fun

From sunrise through to sunset into night photography, the days were full of stunning vistas, entertaining locals, sightseeing and wonderful photo opportunities around every corner. Read the full review > “Friendly, knowledgeable and fun”

Sylvia W

Read this review before you book

Guilin Photography Tours is hands down the best organized, most helpful and best I have ever experienced…..All I can say is WOW. Read the full review > “Read this review before you book”


A perfect week with Mia

I loved everything about this trip and, just as importantly, I got great images. Read the full review > “A perfect week with Mia”


Very Productive

Mia was extremely responsive to my tour request on short notice…There is no way I could have achieved the coverage of the area by exploring myself. Read the full review > “Very Productive”


Andy and Mia are great

I’m not a very experienced photographer, and although Gatsby work a lot with seasoned photographers, they were very patient with me – especially Andy. He really helped me with getting correct exposures, and of course they know where all the great spots are to get those good shots…. We really felt well taken care of – they really go the extra mile! 
Read the full review > “Andy and Mia are great”


Achieved everything I set out to do…

Mia from Gatsby was so helpful and fast to help arrange my schedule, ensuring to fit in all the photo shoots that I wanted. When I arrived George, my guide was a real breathe of fresh air. He was local to Guilin and had lots of small inside secretes and tricks to keep the journey interesting. Read the full review > “Achieved everything I set out to do…”


An experience not to be missed

If you are looking for an exceptional photography experience, this is it. A well organised, highly personalised travel itinerary with a personal guide that is actually your travel companion. Read the full review > “An experience not to be missed”


Great photography tour of Guilin

The way they have designed this tour is impressive. Each stop is fascinating. We would have never found these spots, people or locations ourselves. This is a very well designed tour. Read the full review > “Great photography tour of Guilin”


Simply amazing

This trip for us was a dream come true, the itinerary was perfect and our photo guide was a super great guide. Highly recommend! Read the full review > “Simply amazing”


The Best of The Best!

I am a professional Landscape Photographer who does a great deal of travelling for my work. I often hire local guides whenever I can (especially when there is a language barrier). My experience with Mia and Andy tops them all. Read the full review > “The Best of The Best!”

Neil Dankoff

Simply Unique!

Relationships are of utmost importance to the Chinese and it was very obvious to me that Andy and Mia have developed some fantastic ones with numerous really interesting local people in and around Guilin. The end result being that incredible photo opportunities open up for you because the people you are visiting understand why you are there and open up there homes to you. Read the full review > “Simply Unique!”

Don S.

The world-class experience for photography enthusiasts

Everything was perfect about the service we were given and this is the tour that must be preferred by anyone seriously interested in photography. Read the full review > “The world-class experience for photography enthusiasts”

Rafael H.

The Experience of a Lifetime

This was by far the greatest experience of my life. One thing is for sure, and they say this word-for-word on their website, you are guaranteed to leave with incredible pictures. Read the full review > “The Experience of a Lifetime”

Jack S.

Highlight of my China Trip!

My guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable, a great sense of humor and, a pleasure to be with. This was an excellent photography trip and my only wish was that I had planned more days with them! Read the full review > “Highlight of my China Trip!”


Guide for getting to the best photographic locations around Guilin

If you are coming to Guilin and have a passion for photography these guys will make it effortless for you to get the shots you want. Read the full review > “Guide for getting to the best photographic locations around Guilin”

Jean S.

Best Photography Tour Ever – By Far!

I’m a pro photographer traveling with a family, including teenagers and Gatsby exceeded my very high expectations, they come highly recommended, and as Nick Page put’s it “you would be crazy not to choose them!” Read the full review > “Best Photography Tour Ever – By Far!”


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