Hidden Gem

Guilin Photography Tours, owned and operated by Mia and Andy Beales, is a hidden gem of a touring company for all photographers, beginning to professional. Not only are they skilled in the trade of photography, but also they have taken the time to establish close relationships with local residents, fishermen, accommodation owners, and restaurateurs. These associations are what put this company ahead of all others. They take you out to see the real China allowing their guests to experience how the locals truly live. Furthermore, the tour groups are very small, with a 2-1 guide/guest ratio being the norm. Additionally, they have a keen sense of the time of year, the weather, knowing how the light might behave, all of which helps one prepare for upcoming shots. Tips on shutter speeds, ISO settings, and focal ranges also provide assistance to those of us that are amateurs. My daughter and I had little experience in low lighting conditions, and our guide stepped us though allowing us to come home with some fabulous images.

Having traveled extensively, I must state that the tour offered by Guilin Photography
Tours provide a unique and extraordinary experience that is rarely offered by other agencies. Their prices are very reasonable, accommodations are clean and comfortable, and communications for tour/itinerary planning were seamless even with the 14 hour time difference.

Reviewed 7 June 2015

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