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We have booked a 3-day trip in May 2017 covering landscape photography in Longji, Yangshuo and a session with cormorant fishermen, called the Two Brothers. Our guide was George who did excellent job, spending nearly 18 hours every day with us and having taken us to the exact spots that we requested. Very professional and friendly individual. Everything was perfect about the service we were given and this is the tour that must be preferred by anyone seriously interested in photography. I do not specialise in photographing people, but with the assistance of George I managed to get the shots I wanted. It was simply a world-class experience that exceeded my expectations and one of the best trips of my entire life so far.

The trip can be challenging for some as it involves waking up very early in the morning and a lot of walking and hiking, but this is exactly what we went to China for. And having a disciplined and well organised guide helps a lot.

Reviewed 6 June 2017

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