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I have been visiting China at least 2-3 times a year on business since 2002 and lived in Shanghai in 2008/9.

Those trips have allowed me to experience parts of China that are not on the main tourist routes plus I have developed good friendships with several Chinese colleagues who have took me on “road-trips” to places like Larung Gar in Sichuan and Kashgar in Xinjiang.

Two years ago I road a motorcycle around Tibet for nearly 3 weeks and saw some really remote places and had some great interactions with the local people.

But none of those experiences come close to the ones I have just had courtesy of Guilin Photography Tours!

Andy, Mia and their staff are just the best – not only are they fluent in Mandarin, but they have a real affinity for the Chinese people and it shows in how those people react to them in a warm and welcoming way.

Relationships are of utmost importance to the Chinese and it was very obvious to me that Andy and Mia have developed some fantastic ones with numerous really interesting local people in and around Guilin. The end result being that incredible photo opportunities open up for you because the people you are visiting understand why you are there and open up there homes to you.

I simply have never experienced that anywhere else in China!

Reviewed 29 May 2017

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