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I am a professional Landscape Photographer who does a great deal of travelling for my work. I often hire local guides whenever I can (especially when there is a language barrier). My experience with Mia and Andy tops them all. Mia did an exceptional job helping me plan my trip and Andy was exceptional in guiding us through the beautiful landscapes of Guilin. This is an area where you truly need a guide and Andy, being a professional photographer himself, know all the hidden jewels and the best times to photograph them.

Andy himself, is an incredible person. During our six day tour, we came across a horrific truck accident minutes after it occurred. The truck’s gas tank had ruptured and the road will covered in diesel fuel. This did not stop Andy from running to the scene and doing his best to pry open the drivers door in an effort to help the driver.

Andy took out all of the guess work and had everything planned day in and day out. We ended up getting amazing photos and the experience topped any other photo trip I have ever taken. So thank you Andy and thank you Mia and I look forward to doing many more trips with you in the future!

Reviewed 8 May 2017

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