If you want a photo tour in Guilin, do not look further.

Mia is simply an outstanding photo guide who will do everything she can to serve your needs. Firstly, the survey on their website is very clever: they aim at understanding you and your needs, to ensure that you get the experience you are looking for: tick. Then, when the tour begins, things get better. Mia would ask questions to ensure that she can give you what you are looking for and would always give you options to choose from, which is very helpful. She found me great places to sleep and she knows the locals so that I was able to take photos of people that I would have not been able to reach otherwise. She also knows all the best spots and she would protect the space for my shots, when other local photographers attempted to invade the territory. Mia is a very calm and organised individual. Always punctual, never stressed and always available and happy to help you. We started our days at 3.30am and finished at 22.00 or so and yet she was there nice, pleasant and calm. The perfect travel companion, really. To top it off, she even lent one of her memory cards to me, which saved my day as I would otherwise have not been able to take my favourite shots.

Highly recommended and full marks from me.

Gianfranco Merati

Reviewed 28 September 2015

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