Absolutely FANTASTIC in every possible way!

I wanted say a really BIG THANK YOU to Andy and Mia. You were Simply Amazing and I had a fabulous time! You are some of the nicest and most genuine people I ever met and went over and above my best expectations. You were more than simple travel guides, you were real travel buddies and friends. You were always ready to help in anyway possible (e.g. lending me a tripod, helping to carry things, asking locals to shoot them, etc). Truly there are no words that can really describe how amazing you guys were.

You guys were much more than travel guides, you were buddies, friends, caretakers, photographers sharing valuable tips and skills, etc. This kind of service is absolutely unique and almost unmatchable and you have the people skills to deliver it. We often talk in business about exceeding customer expectations and create so much value that they have the most unforgettable experience but seeing this happen in practice is very very rare. You guys are truly the best example of this happening. You had everything extremely well organised and planned but had the absolute flexibility to adapt and change any plan. Nothing was ever a problem, you always had the positive mindset to find solutions instead of obstacles. It was perfect planning with fabulous execution. You offer the most unique travel experience that any photographer or amateur photographer would hope for. It is absolutely personal and customised and the way everything is organised allow you to see and do more in 10 days than you would ever be able to do on your own. This last point alone is enough to justify the value your business can provide. You can save photographers so much time in planning and researching the best places and the best times to be there! On top of that you provide all the other fantastic things I mentioned!

Reviewed 17 December 2016

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