Guilin Photography Tour–The Best Way to See Authentic Guangxi Province.

I highly recommend Guilin Photography Tour for their well designed, customized tours as well as their professionalism and kindness.

I visited Guangxi in June 2015 and, after looking at another tour that claimed to specialize in photography, I chose Guilin Photography Tour. I’m so glad that I did. I was impressed with their questionnaire which asked, among other things, what type of photography I liked to do best, I had to admit that, even though I knew that Guangxi is famous for its scenery and I fully intended to photograph it, I much preferred to photograph people.

Mia designed a tour that met my needs completely, allowing me to photograph spectacular scenery, while also taking me to small, historic villages where I could photograph people with whom she had built relationships. In addition, Mia was very pleasant and is one of the most well prepared, considerate guides that I have ever traveled with.

I highly recommend Guilin Photography Tour for a memorable and authentic experience in Guangxi Province.

Reviewed 25 October 2015

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