Great Trip

This was my first photo safari in China and what a pleasure it was. Mia was certainly on top of her game and more than capable with all the situations we encountered. She provided a tripod when mine packed up, could communicate with the locals in Mandarin, thought of everything including a perfectly timed coffee and snack. Nothing like an actual photographic enthusiast to accompany you as they know the right places and the right time. I took 1500 pictures in 5 days and relive the wonderful experience as I sit and edit to my hearts content each night. This is an awesome part of China for photographers and even in my case where the landscapes were difficult because of bad weather we found plenty of opportunities in the old villages. Mia has a lot of friends in these villages who were not only great photo subjects but incredibly interesting individuals. Now I’ll have to return some day and catch up on the sunrise I missed – Surprised Mia couldn’t clear the clouds as she could do just about everything else. Yes one more thing the transport was comfortable and the driver safe and courteous – not a common thing in China – Well done Mia

Reviewed 30 April 2014

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