Perfectly organized, wonderful trip

We only had two days in Guilin. That’s why we were looking for a guide to help us make most of it. We are nowhere near being professional photographers, but we were attracted by the idea being guided by one. Mia met all our expectations. She made us see and feel more of where we have been than we had possibly done for ourselves. No offense meant to chinese guides, but Mia being European like us but being very familiar with people and landscape knew perfectly how to show and explain everything to us.

Especially because of the little time that we had we really appreciated the perfect organization of every detail of our trip: accommodation, transport, people to meet. Mia picked us up in our hotel in Guilin and took us to a 1.5 days trip to the Longhji Area (rice terrace villages).

Thanks for two wonderful days we will never forget.

Reviewed 25 June 2016

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