Best Photography Tour in China!!

I spent one month on a photography expedition through China beginning May 12, 2016. When lining up a guide for my five days in Guilin, the Guilin Photography Tour stood out. Other tour companies claim to offer guides with experience in leading professional photographers. However, out of all the guides I used throughout the country, only Andy and Mia truly understood my needs and goals as a photographer.

Guilin Photography did everything possible to guide me to the perfect sunrise/sunset locations to shoot portfolio worthy images. I was introduced to local families and fishermen in traditional settings for incredible portrait sessions. Andy was extremely generous with sharing his expertise as well as equipment. Our many photoshoots were as challenging as they were breathtaking, so this was much appreciated!

At one point at the top of the Yao Mountain, the lighting was so spectacular I was operating three cameras and my cell phone all at once in an attempt to capture everything. I walked away with stunning timelapses, panoramas, and shots of sunbeams shifting through the clouds as other photographers shouted in excitement. That single experience alone made the entire trip to China worth it.

Very unlike prepackaged trips offered by China-based tour companies, Andy took me down trails he had not yet followed just to see if they would lead to that unique scene no one had photographed before. Andy and Mia continue to explore Guilin in search of new viewpoints. Each tour is unique and customized. If you are a serious photographer looking to capture awesome scenes in China, Guilin Photography is essential!

Reviewed 26 June 2016

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