Perfect in every way!

Andy & Mia Beales know photography and they know this region of China. It’s a winning combination. Take a tour with them and you won’t be disappointed! You will come home with photos from places that the majority of foreigners rarely see. Their command of the language and immersion into the culture of this area have given them the ability to connect photographers with a true Chinese experience.

We were able to photograph sunrises and sunsets from some of the most amazing spots on earth. We had photo sessions with local people living and working in traditional ways. It was amazing! The hotels we stayed at were authentic Chinese hotels (but those with a few american perks, such as toilets) owned by local families in the towns we visited.

I was impressed with how easy-going and calm Andy & Mia were no matter what obstacles we encountered, including a landslide along the roadway that waylaid us for well over an hour. They also took notice of foods we individually liked or didn’t like and ordered the family style meals accordingly.

If you enjoy photography and want an experience in China that isn’t run of the mill tourist sights, this is the tour I highly suggest.

Reviewed 30 April 2015

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