So much more than just amazing photos.

I came to China to learn about the people there and the land where they live. I came away with so much more. Mia was wonderful in helping to work with us on the perfect itinerary. A great mix of production and down time to enjoy the places we visited. Mia arranged to have one of her freelance guides lead us. George was fantastic. He grew up in Guilin and was an old family friend of some of the people that we visited. I felt like we were given an opportunity to see past the obvious. As we rode around the countryside he could answer all our questions. We hit all the things we had on our itinerary and more. When he dropped us off at the airport I felt like we were leaving a friend, not just a guide. If you are looking for a trip that isn’t a bus and 10 stops then contact Mia and Andy. My return trip isn’t book yet but I will go back because of them. The images I brought home are amazing! Show stopping gorgeous! The memories are even better.


Reviewed 25 May 2016

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