First Rate Tour for Serious Photographers

In preparation for my first trip to China, I asked Mia to arrange 5-day tour for me to photograph and meet cormorant fisherman, experience the rice terraces and visit some smaller villages. She made suggestions, including multiple options and helped me sort out flight arrangements. Given that I do not speak Chinese and did not have knowledge of the customs and culture in China, this was a huge help.

Through Mia, I had the opportunity to visit homes & shops. I was able to have conversations with the locals with Mia as interpreter. (She is fluent in Chinese.) She was a great assistance in helping me to photograph people and other subjects of interest to me.

I met Andy on two occasions when our paths happened to cross. Both Mia and Andy went above and beyond in helping me to meet my photographic goals for the trip.

I can recommend them without hesitation. For me, the experience was a highlight of my travels in China!

Reviewed 7 January 2016

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