An experience not to be missed

If you are looking for an exceptional photography experience, this is it. A well organised, highly personalised travel itinerary with a personal guide that is actually your travel companion. George is truly professional, not only is he knowledgeable about the local culture, places we visited, he is also well versed on photo taking. He gave me many tips on lighting, composition, and photo taking ideas that are invaluable. George looked after my travel needs and safety is top on his mind particularly when we do the difficult climb.

If you are planning to take this tour, be prepared to wake up very early 2am in the morning, this is to ensure that we capture the first light at the top of the mountain. The journey to the mountain is an experience in itself, boat ride in pitch dark across the river, bumpy ride in a local van to the foot of the climb and then the climb itself which can take up to 1.5 hours.

Mia has been very helpful from the start, very clearly explaining the challenges and what to expect in terms of weather at this time of the year. All the itinerary details are carefully planned and coordinated by her which makes the whole experience carefree.

Thanks again for the very enjoyable trip, now the hard part, sorting out the 2000+ photos and editing them.

Reviewed 2 April 2017

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