Best China photography Tour – Well Organised – Maximised my Photo Opportunities

This was the best organised China photography trip, the guide maximised my photo opportunities. In summary, I took the best photos with George in Guilin during my entire China trip. I had to balance photography and two teenagers constantly arguing in the back seat of the car. George had everything perfectly organised from items in the car (water, snacks, sweets for the terrorists, extra tripod in case, head pillows for sleeping etc etc) to the best times to be at each spot of interest. Nice guy and funny! The boys loved spending time with him, because he was also easy going and flexible. And although I regard myself as a technically competent photographer George attracted my attention to a couple of points that made my photos better. I don’t think you would get another photography guide who would carry and shine LED lights the fisherman’s face for an improved photo during low-light. We also got lucky with the weather, big fat clouds everywhere. Great trip.

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