Once in a lifetime experience!

This tour was absolutely incredible. As a traveller, I find it difficult to find places and people true to their original self. Mia and her husband’s hard word, experience, and dedication to Chinese culture give my partner and I exactly that, an authentic glimpse into a historic culture. Although other companies offer similar tours and itineraries, you will truly not get a better experience than with Mia’s team of explorers and photographers. Meeting the Comorant fisherman with an individual that was able to speak the dialect, guiding and interpreting conversation, as well as direct you in photography, was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. The photography tips were invaluable and I learned about a number or features and benefits of my camera – the photos I left with are so beautiful they’re worth entering into contests or frame as a keepsake. Additionally, I was given a photo of myself photographing a fisherman in the beautiful sunset of the Li River, infront of the Karst Mountains . It hangs in our living room to remind us of the special time we hard during our Guilin Photography Tour. I hope to use this group again to explore other parts of Chinese landscape and culture. Don’t miss this opportunity..


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