Boutique China Photography Tour

The Guilin Photography Tour is a boutique Photography Tour of the best kind. It is a small operation, where the owners, Mia and Andy, a lovely married couple, ensure that you will have a great experience regardless of the conditions (and I would know as I was there during torrential rains). Guilin is a wonderful area for photographers. Between the Li River, the Longji Rice Terraces and the Cormorant fisherman, there is a lot of stunning photographic opportunities. Mia and Andy love Guilin and photography and they have scouted the area to make your photographic experience as productive and pleasant as it can be. First, they use their local and photographic knowledge to plan a great trip based on your inputs and interests. Then one of them or both will be your guide during the trip and will be there to assist you if needed. So if you want a personalized tour with an experienced team highly respectful of the culture, Guilin Photography Tour and the Gatsby team is it.

Reviewed 2 February 2016

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