Excellent Photo Tour

In October, my wife and I had three days in the Guilin area and booked a photo tour with Mia of Guilin Photo Tours for two of those days. It was good experience and I highly recommend them.

We felt extremely fortunate to have George Chan as our guide and driver. He provided a nearly frictionless experience. Everything we did was so well organized and executed that all we had to do was dive in and enjoy the experience. George is an extremely thoughtful and kind person who was able to adapt the tour to our interests. I should mention that wife is not a photographer, and it’s to George’s credit that he was able to guide us into situations that we both found interesting and engaging. His thorough knowledge of the region and its residents enhanced our experience. We would never have done, seen, or learned as much without him. As a photographer, I’ve worked with guides and fixers in various parts of the world and George ranks right up there with the best of them. Of all the wonderful things we did in China during our weeks there, George and the Guilin Photo Tour provided two of the most memorable days.

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