Guilin photo tour

if there is just one word to describe the experience, it is EXCELENT. Andy and Mia are not just your ordinary tour guide. They are the best there is in Guilin. Period. Nothing or nobody can give you a better service then they can. Don’t be fooled by other Chinese offers that say they can match or even do it for less. Trust me, when I say that they are worth more than every penny you spent on. I have been traveling through China and so far, nobody is as professional beyond and above the duty as a guide. We woke up way too early to catch a sunrise shot. That is something no ordinary guide in China will do.
They are a European couple who speak fluent Chinese, know they way around, and super friendly individuality. They are not only doing the job professionally, but also passionately. I had such an incredible trip with them, to which in the end they become real friends to me. I would follow every tour they have to offer in the future. Especially with the new route coming up.
Andy and Mia, my sincerest gratitude for all the time and effort you spent with us. Until today, our club members still talk about the trip and getting ready to do it again next year to different spots.

Daniel Basuki

Reviewed 14 November 2014

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