More than just a photography tour

Never have I ever experienced such a personalised and magical “off the beaten track” experience as we had with Andy during our one day tour of Yangshuo. Prior to the trip, I worked closely with Mia to ensure I was able to get as many key sites as possible in a one day extremely jam packed intinerary. Not only was Mia able to accomodate all my requests, she sent through a very professional intinerary that hit the nail on the head on all the things I wanted to do (thanks to the really cool online survey and detailed questions she asked me after I submitted my request). I could tell from the get go that they not only have a passion for photography and guilin, but also a passion to ensure every client gets the best experience they can offer.

The trip itself exceeded my high expectations. Andy was very professional, personable and was very flexible to our requests and ability level. We were both pretty novice photographers, so not only did he give us some tips and teach us some techniques, he did it without making us feel like an idiot. He has a great resume and worked with many famous people, but he was always humble. The whole trip felt like we were just going on holiday with a friend that knew all the locals and the best places that are off the tourist track. Not once were we around crowds or were haggled by vendors. We even changed the intinerary halfway through the trip and although I know that it took quite a lot of effort to rearrange everything (I can tell even Mia was helping organise everything in the background), it didn’t even feel like a bump in the road – the driver, village folk, etc were always waiting for us when we arrived.

I dont think i have enough space to write everything I want to – but in a nutshell, it was a one of a kind experience that we will never forget. it was not just a photography tour, but a real experience where you will meet locals, see and experience things that you would not be able to do so on your own or with other tour guides.

Reviewed 3 July 2016

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