Exceeding expectations from A to Z!

Together with 2 colleagues, we had a weekend to spare and opted for the beauty of the nature in the Guilin area. We were appealed by the description of this photography tour, although none of us are professional photographers. From the first contact onwards, the experience with Mia and Andy has been a great one: clear explanations, a variety of options, smooth communication,…

There are probably 100 good reasons why you should consider going with them, including:

– They listen to your interests and they do everything they can to give you the experience YOU are looking for
– They take you to places where other tourists don’t go, off the beaten track
– They know the most astonishing places (we went for 2 early morning sunrise treks and had the most beautiful views ever)
– They are constantly exploring new trails, new roads,… to find the most picturesque villages, astonishing look outs over the river Li,…
– They can communicate with the locals, allowing you to ask any questions you may have
– They know all the “special” activities in the area (we went on a bamboo raft down the river Li, saw the authentic Cormoran fishermen in action, did an e-bike tour on the countryside,…)
– They give you priceless advice on how to optimize your photo settings in a clear, non-technical, manner (we took some of the most amazing pictures)
– they have very honest and transparent prices (no surprises, and after a quick comparison with the classic tours, prices turned out to be just slightly more expensive when you calculate the total price – but you do get a 100 times better experience!!)
– They genuinely care about you and your experience as well as about the local people and their well-being

When you have the opportunity to go to such a beautiful place like Guilin, don’t go on the classic crowded river cruises, but make it a true once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will not regret. And by the way, don’t get scared by the weather forecasts: we were supposed to get wet all weekend, but weather turned out to be great!)

We would do it again immediately – highly recommendable – wish we could give you guys a 6-star rating!!

Thank you so much!

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