Guilin's Best Western Food

Being one of the most popular travel destinations, Guilin is somehow shy of choice when you are craving a taste of home. Nevertheless, a handful of nice restaurants can still be a quick fix for some home cooked'ish food.

What "Western Food" Means in China

  • "What is western food?" "McDonald's and KFC...?" yes, these are the most common answer.
  • Don't be surprised to find risotto in a Spanish restaurant. Western menus often mean a fusion of everything edible just outside China. The sales are focused on Chinese rather than true westerns. Chinese chefs are creative and putting new ideas to traditional western dishes just to suit local palate. Better to take it with a pinch of salt (no pun intended).

4 Places to Get Western Food in Guilin City

Now you've learnt what to expect. We have a short list for you. We are not scaling these restaurants by Michelin standards, they are just some places where you can have a chat over a burger or steak.

Rosemary Café

Rosemary Café has been the top choice for western taste for over a decade. This is for good reasons: great location set right at the center, homely setting and friendly English-speaking staff, and of course a wide range of western food in its English menu.

Gatsby Tips: 

  • Not a huge restaurant and it might be crowded at dinner time and weekends. Better to get a table by the gate or the window, more space and fun to watch the world go by,
  • They have a decent selection of wine and foreign brand beers.
  • Food is served in medium-sized portions. Lasagna, burritos, burgers and pastas are quite tasty, but this is not an international city like Shanghai, so don't expect it to taste the same as home.

Direction: 1-1 Yiren Road, Guilin, near Zhengyang Pedestrian Street,+86 773 281 0063; 1000am - 1000pm daily.

Pizza Park

An up-and-coming pizza specialist is hidden in narrow streets and it might be hard for foreigners to locate, but some say the pizza will ensure you all the effort is worthy. 100% hand-made and organic, every pizza is made to order, not frozen ones heated up in the microwave like so many youth hostels and small kiosks in China.

Gatsby Tips: 

  • Close to Seven Star Park's south gate and on a uphill slop. Shop owners speak limited English, make a call in case you got lost.
  • Pizza is in western-standard big size, good enough for 2 persons. Serving might not be fast as every pizza is freshly made.

Direction: 03 Fuxing Road, Qixing District, Guilin, +86 773 583 1573; 1000am to 0800pm daily.

The Smart Lounge Bar

A new comer to the town's western dining industry yet this chic restaurant is never shy of choice. Leading a group of former chefs from 5-star hotels, the young owner introduces the concept of molecular kitchen to Guilin. Either imported or locally organic, food is cooked under a low-temparture procedure just to extra the original taste of the ingredients. Nice view just pumps up the dining experience.

Gatsby Tips: 

  • Dining area on the terrace offers great night view over the city center. Laser show of Lijiang Waterfall Hotel next to the restaurant building is open at 0830pm every night, would be great for a special dinner.
  • English menu is available but you may also try ordering by scanning their QR code.
  • Steak takes longer hours and you may make a reservation. Seafood plate, pasta, salads and cakes are all good choices.

Direction: 01 Rongcheng Road, Xiangshan District, city center, Guilin, +86 773 256 5858; 1100am - 1000pm daily.

Western Restaurant at the White House Hotel

One of the town's most sophisticated venues for fine dining, Western Restaurant at the White House Hotel boasts for its vintage vibe and delicately-prepared dishes. The hotel used to be the private mansion of General Bai Chongxi in the Kuomingtang period (1927–1949) and the old wine cellar is still housing a fine collection of wine.

Gatsby Tips:

  • Better as a romantic dinner and make sure you get a table on their overwater terrace, which is built over a waterfall of mangrove and it is just beautiful lighting up at night.
  • Besides some fine wine, their steak is also quite good.

Direction: Building 4, No.16 Rong Hu North Road, Guilin

When we are traveling, we always encourage our guests to try some local tastes. Of course, not everybody has a substantial passion for rice and Kong Pao Chicken. Sometimes you will miss Taco Bell and just let us know if you need help to kick the hunger.

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