Getting Lost in Yangshuo by Bike

3 Awesome Biking Routes 

Guilin is the China of our imagination and Yangshuo owns the essence for discovery. Getting lost in its charm is easy, by hiking, electric mope or buggy yet cycling seems to often come out tops.

Why you'll love cycling in Yangshuo

  • Some of our past guests claim that 'Yangshuo and the sunrise/sunset locations are exactly the image I had about China'. 
  • Countless trails in good condition, offering verious cycling routes and experiences to different ranges of physcial fitness and interests.
  • Both experience-full and relaxing, an excellent break between city-hopping between China's historical man-made wonders.

Summary: Go Cycling

We always recommend a cycling trip around Yangshuo's rurual side as it is flexible, easily-paced, all-age-frienldy and full of experiences. It's also perfect for a free day, it's a nice way to get lost and relax in China.

Vehicle transfer to the start point.

- limited choice for trails
- trails flooded during summer
- restroom issues
- not good for younger children
- difficult carrying camera gear
+ great for outdoor fans 


Starting point of your choice.

+ plenty trails in good condition
+ pace and duration at your will
+ riding in changing scenery 
+ family-friendly 
+ encounter friendly locals
-  road signs in Chinese

3 Awesome Cycling Routes in Yangshuo

Here are the 3 routes designed for travelers with different physical demands and features.

Route-01: Baisha Town

- Distance: 16km (10 miles)

- Time needed: 2 to 4 hours

- Features: local market, riverside photo spots, rafting (optional)

Route-02: Yulong River

- Distance: 26km (16 miles)

-  Time needed: 3 to 5 hours 

-  Features: lively West Street, riverside, photo spots, more tranquil rafting (optional)

Route-03: Fuli-Xingping

- Distance: 55km (34 miles)

- Time needed: 4 to 7 hours

- Features: ancient towns, local markets, river view, iconic spot for 20RMB banknote

Cycling in Yangshuo: the Best Way for Discovery

Rolling mountains, trickling streams, humble villages and rice fields stretching over the horizon, Yangshuo’s idyllic beauty is featured on many travel websites. Bloggers crown it the authentic pastoral experience in modern China. Only by being there yourself can one testify its reputation.

Although rural, there are new white boxes and brick cubes half finished ( a crime to archicture) that still seem to pop up now and then. It's not a perfect world, but  is our favourite part of this ever modernising China.

You can get lost easily in its charm on foot, by electric mope/scooter. Among them all, riding on two wheels is the best way. Countless biking trails, either paved or muddy, excite most outdoor fans and travelers ready for some excercise and fresh air.

The draw: finding China away from the cities

As the locals in Yangshuo say, 'whatever Guilin offers, Yangshuo has it all and far better'. During the fast development of tourism industry over the years, Guilin has inevitably become a bit tacky and landscape’s been somewhat marred by tour buses pummeling on a daily basis. Yangshuo local government no longer allows big coaches to enter the scenic zone. Although transportation might be slightly difficult, such a precaution in some way spares Yangshuo’s natural landscape from the domestic touristic battering.

Biking is a good way to witness the real idyllic life. With Yangshuo town being the major hub, its outskirt scattered with humble villages is still much dependent on agricultures. Rice fields, limpid rivers, shabby farmhouses, farmers ploughing the land and fishermen rowing their rafts, everything you see in a bush painting is embodied here in Yangshuo. 

Yangshuo itself is made for a day on two wheels. Most roads, either in downtown or villages, are paved, lined with pomelo trees and see less traffic. Some hidden scenic spots are only accessible by bike or on foot, which antes up the fun of your cycling adventure.

Gatsby Insider Tips

For first-timers, we would recommend a guided riding. Also, we have a lot of guests who would like to take another ride on their own after the first guided experience. 

  1. Road signs are all in Chinese and most likely missed on GPS or GoogleMaps. Even the most up-to-date hand-drawn maps can be misleading. You can literally get lost if you are going off the main track without a local guide, which might be part of the fun  if you don't mind spending a lot of time finding your way back.
  2. Possible to ride your own bike and pretty easy to rent one from the West Street or your hotel.
  3. Most of the riding routes are perfect for bicycles, however, if peddling is not your type of thing, you can still make a wonderful day out by electric mope or scooter or an enjoyable walk along the Yulong river.
  4. Squaty restrooms might be the only option en route. Always bring your own tissues and hand wash.
  5. Cycling is flexible enough to be woven into any itinerary. For more experienced riders, customized routes require special arrangements.
  6. Less subject to weather condition however riding under the midday sun is never a good idea, this area is very hot. On our photo tours people often opt to skip a ride, shower, relax after a 4am start and enjoy lunch or the pool. However, it's an enjoyable thing to do in the late evening or early morning light, especially on an unguided departure day or during cooler weather from Oct to March.

Venturing to Yangshuo’s countryside by bike lures you away to another world. We cannot think of any better way to get you as close as possible to Yangshuo’s splendor. 

Contact us and kick start a fun day on wheels!

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