Western Food in Myanmar

8 Recommended restaurants for when you're ready for western food in Myanmar.

Bear in mind that Asia is not exactly the very place for a hunt of great pizza or burritos, at least not in Myanmar. Its culinary outlook changes and we have some choices in case you crave for a good meal. 


Myanmar Western Food: A Bit Different

  • Burmese cuisine is mostly rice and curry-based, it has some common with European food yet with a refinement to suite Asian palate.
  • A lot of vegetables, beef, chicken and fish are used in the western restaurants in Myanmar, a heavy amount of local spices introduces you to a somewhat exotic taste, though.
  • Dairy and milk-based products are not so widely seen and most are imported. Personally we would stick to the dishes made of locally produced ingredients.
  • Smaller cities have limited options but hotels’s restaurants will do just okay if you're not picky.
  • Prices are mostly fair. Don’t expect too much for the atmosphere, though.

8 Best Restaurants to Have Decent Western Food

Regardless the rumor that Burmese food is weird-looking and horrible-tasting and westerners might not get used to it, we have actually bumped in some nice restaurants and they are totally fine for a good meal. However, if you somehow got this craving for a good burger or a taco, we know where to go. 

Yangon: Mahlzeit Restaurant

We don’t see many options for German food across Asia but this place is definitely a delightful surprise. For a popular restaurant among foreign travelers, it doesn’t seem to care about being centrally-located. Its location, 15 minutes of driving from downtown, is actually quite nice as you can saunter around the humble Hlaing neighborhood after dinner. The entire restaurant gives out a wine bar atmosphere where you can relax and have a great German beer. The rooftop bar is also a good place to chill out at night.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Sausage platter, Schnitzel, Crispy pork knuckle, Chicken Shawarma in a pita bread, beers

Opening hours: 1130am - 1030pm
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: not exactly
Special event: available upon request at Mahlzeit Function Hall
Address: 84 Pann Hlaing Street, Yangon (Rangoon) 11111, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 784 151250

Yangon: Le Cellier, Wine Bar & Restaurant

Novotel Yangon Max has been always our favorite hotel in Yangon, so is its restaurant Le Cellier, Wine Bar & Restaurant. The name is pretty self-explanatory: you got French food, exquisite desserts and a brilliant selection of fine wines; plus the night view of the effulgent Shwedagon Pagoda is worth every penny. Relaxing atmosphere and effective services, it could be a great choice if you’d like to stay in for the night. Private dinner rooms are available if you are planning a special occasion.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Tomahawk steak, Angus tenderloin, Foie gras, Chocolate cake

Opening hours: 1100am - 1000pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes
Special event: private dining room available
Address: 459 Pyay Road | 14th Floor of Novotel Yangon Max, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 251 185 973

Yangon: Shwe Sa Bwe

Shwe Sa Bwe is an encouraging tryout for the youngsters in Yangon, asides from being a brilliant choice of value for those who fancy French. Ever since 2011, the restaurant/culinary school has been offering French cooking programs free of charge for 20 students annually. A good selection of French bistro-style cuisine is served in a lovely Burmese home with tasteful antiques. Children would love their nicely-done desserts including creamy lemon tarts and various cakes. Set menu changes every three weeks and ingredients are all locally-produced and organic. Price is a tad expensive but you are dining for a good cause and warm services from those less-privileged children. You can even take a tour to their kitchen, too.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Mushroom soup, Cheese platter, Veal steak, Chilean sea bass, Lemon tarts

Opening hours: 1000am - 1000pm daily expect for Mondays, closed at lunchtime on Sundays
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes
Special event: suggested reserved one week ahead, especially for occasions on weekends
Address: 20 Malikha Road | Mayangone, Yangon (Rangoon) 10061, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 42100 5085

Mandalay: Central Park

For all of our travels in Myanmar, only a day or two is spent in Mandalay and Central Park is always our chalk horse. Great pizza, fair choices of beers, legitimate tacos, friendly staff and folksy bistro ambience, and very friendly prices, almost nothing to complaint. It’s located in downtown, 10 minutes away from Mandalay Royal Palace and this is local expats’ frequent hangout, which will be another good experience exchanging stories with them.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Mozzarella feta, Tacos, Pizzas

Opening hours: 1100am - 1100pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: not much
Special event: just a simple place, not decent enough for special occasions
Address: Myamandalar Hotel, 27 St, between 68 and 69, Mandalay, Myanmar | Shop 2. No, 6. Corner of 66 and 32, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9256136778

Bagan: Sharky’s

Founded in 1996 by the local culinary artisan Mr.Ye Htut Win, Sharky’s takes great pride and joy in providing the town’s most renovated and delicious European food in a perfect blend of modern cooking techniques and local organic products. Set in a lovely garden in Old Bagan, it is truly a relaxing stop after a day of adventuring among pagodas. Sometimes we will use it as our breakfast stop after a sunrise shooting. All ingredients are either grew from their backyard or from local small-scale partners and the their home-made seasonings such as ketchup and mustard are adding extra flavors to delight not only your taste buds.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Burgers, Pizzas, Steak, Salad

Opening hours: 0800am - 1000pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes but just so-so
Special event: would go for another place fancier for that matter but it does ok for a casual dinner for small groups
Address: Near Shwezigon Pagoda, Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9454862928

Bagan: La Terrazza

You can tell it’s an Italian restaurant from the name but it offers far more than just a good pizza. Their Swiss-Italian chef is quite an expert in bringing out authentic tastes from local products such as wild prawns from Irrawaddy River and home-grew vegetables and poultries. “Good taste and friendship have no borders” the motto is quite evident in their warm services and their passion for whole-food and organic cooking. It is also an art gallery where you can see some beautiful artworks by local artists, which boosts up both the atmosphere and supporting local art flair.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Lasagna, Napoli pizza, Panna cotta, Pizzas, Pastas

Opening hours: 1100am - 1030pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes, they have vegetarian menu and gluten-free options
Special event: available but the venue isn’t big and fancy enough
Address: Yarkhintar St. | Bagan zone, near Shwezigon Pagoda, Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +959402630878

Bagan: Ostello Bello Bagan

Another enjoyable choice for western food if you are staying in New Bagan. The restaurant gives out a nice night bar vibe inside the hotel of Ostello Bello Bagan, a new comer to the town. The place is a gathering venue for young and solo travelers and always lively at night. Not exactly a quiet and upscale place if you are looking for something fancy, but the taste and price get you satisfied enough for a relaxing night.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Salad, Pizzas, Pasta

Opening hours: 0900am - 1100pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes
Special event: not recommended
Address: Kayay St | New Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 6165069

Inle Lake: The French Touch

A humble red house in the village of Nyaungshwe, this place is more like a cafe than a restaurant yet the food is decent enough if you are craving for some good bacon or a nice coffee. The owner and staff are very friendly, always generous and treating us like their friends. Ingredients are freshly picked from their own garden and their home-made lemon mayonnaise is an inviting touch, topped off with great salads and desserts. The owner is also an artist and you may enjoy his work of a local life documentary while dining.

Dishes of Recommendation:
French fries, Pizzas, Salads, Expresso

Opening hours: 1100am - 1200am daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: yes but limited
Special event: not so much, gluten-free available
Address: Kyaung Taw Shayt Street | N0 23, Myo Lac Quater, Nyaungshwe 081, Myanmar
Tel: +95 52521365

Inle Lake: Golden Kite

Boasting as one of the oldest restaurants around the lakeshore of Inle Lake, Golden Kite sells itself for authentic Italian cuisine but we’d call it a fusion restaurant as you can also find some intriguing mixture of western and Burmese dishes. Learning from an Italian artisan, the owner devotes her passion into providing made-to-order and oven-baked pizzas, “just exactly in the way they make it in Italy” she claimed. They have a new branch near the Indein Pagoda that we’d recommend for a wider menu and nice view overlooking the creek.

Dishes of Recommendation:
Pastas, Pizzas, Bolognese, Tomato salad

Opening hours: 0900am - 1030pm daily
English menu: available
Vegetarian-friendly: not exactly
Special event: Okay place to have a sunset dinner with gorgeous lake view
Address: Corner Mya Wa Ti Street & Yone Gyi Road, Taunggyi, Myanmar
Tel: +95 8129327

Make It Tasteful

A journey to Myanmar is truly a treat to the eye, which could also be a gusto adventure once you adapt to the local lifestyles. For more choices, we also have another rundown of local tastes: Best Restaurants in Myanmar for Local Cuisines. If you need more help for your trip planning, just talk to us now! 

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