Tipping in Myanmar

Tips says more than "Thank you"

Tipping has become more and more prevelant in Asia but still not very common in Myanmar. Nevertheless, tipping the locals who enhance your traveling experiences goes a long way.


3 Things about Tipping in Myanmar

  • No matter you are traveling on your own or on an organized trip, hotel and restaurant staff would appreciate a tip after they help you with the luggage or cleaning.
  • Guides who are hired locally (say day trips) depend pretty much on tipping as their salary might be close to nothing. Taxi/bus/cruise drivers wouldn’t expect to be tipped at all.
  • Instead of money, some small things will also be appreciated, such as clothes, pens, notebooks, trinkets and etc.

How Much to Tip and to Whom

The followings are the people who would expect, and fairly deserve to be tipped. Tipping should be in accordance with the services rendered but there are certainly some standards.


For services that you receive from hotel staff, restaurant waiters/waitresses, tipping should be 1 to 2USD per person or 5 to 10% of the meal. Street vendors don't expect the tip, though. Tipping should always be in cash.

Guides & Drivers

Tour guides, no matter in a group tour or a private one, would expect a tip of 5 to 10USD/day. Of course, this is subject to the group size, too.For divers, the tip should be half as the tour guide. Street-side rickshaw drivers, 1 to 3USD per ride is ok enough.

Thank You, Myanmar

Burmese people, according to over 99% of our past guests, are the most friendly people they’ve ever known and that’s not just in tourism. They make your experience truly touching. Contact a local expert if you still have some questions about tipping in Myanmar.

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