Family Travel in Myanmar

Should I go to Myanmar with my family? YES!

The idea of traveling to Myanmar alone can be daunting enough and now you are traveling with your family. No reason to cut Myanmar off the bucket list of your family vacations. Its cultures, landscapes, traditions and super-friendly people are all promising for a fun trip that is more than just one adventure to a strange land. 


The Biggest Concerns You Might Have

  • Political situation seems to be unstable and that whether your travel will help or hurt the people becmes a hot ethical issue.
  • The cool season during November to March is ideal for vacation. But if you only have the summer vacation out, would the weather be horrible?
  • The country is still dragging itself forward to modernization. Relatively laid-back facilities might compromise your experiences.
  • Ground transportation seems arduously long, which is a big problem when traveling with kids.

How to Cope with These Problems

Doubtlessly these concerns are realistic. None, however, should put you off the wanderlust. Family travel in Myanmar, especially when kids are coming along, requires more tactical planning. Here's something that might lift the clouds of doubt. 

You Should Definitely Come!

Myanmar is a misunderstood country. What's really going on out there intrigues you. Soon enough things are going to change again. Only by being there on your own can you see it for real. YES! Right now is the best time to take your family to Myanmar!

  • It's perfectly safe. Not a single warning of visiting its most touristic areas has been released by any international or regional authorities since mid-September 2018.
    Although we wouldn't suggest any guests travel too far to Rakhine State and some parts of Shan State, the new government has got the country fully contained and political stability is enhencing.
  • Your money is not going to fund the military junta. The new goverment has taken over most properties that used to support the military. Foreign investments on tourism have nothing to do with the dictactorship.
    As we have been working with local-run suppliers, we can say for certain that more and more Burmese are benifiting from inbound tourism.
  • Frequent downpours and unbearable heat do make Myanmar a unfriendly destination in summer. We'd suggest somewhere else if you are looking for a sunny and cool summer holiday, say Thailand or China.
    That being said, it's better to make your trip during late September to mid-December: less rain, more sunshine, cooler air, less westerners on their Christmas holiday and more reasonable bills.

While political and weather factors are pretty much beyond our juristiction, our expertise and local resources still come in handy when you are looking for a nice family-friendly hotel, flights between Yangon and Bagan, or something fun to do with your kids.

Top Things to Do for Families

We don't want to waste time listing out all the must-dos while you can find more from guidebooks. Here's a list of some fun things that both adults and children can enjoy.


Ride the Local Train

Bet your kids have never seen an old train before? Try this train to see the city, a real eye-opener for both adults and kids.


Play Indiana Jones in Bagan

Climb up to the top of the pagoda for sunrise and venture to the abandoned temples after sundown. Now it's time to release the inner Indiana Jones!


Chat with A Monk

In Mandalay you will encounter lots of young monks and novices, probably at your kid's age. Curious about their daily life? Sit down and let's chat!


Boat Ride in Inle Lake

Boats to people in Inle Lake are like cars to Americans. Paddle along the water to visit floating gardens where they grow tomatoes over water.


Visit a Local Market

Markets are always the most fun place where you can learn about what food people are having and how they miggle. Don't miss out lnle Lake's 5-Day Market.


Hike in the Wilderness

Hiking trails in the mountainous regions of Shan State are less trodden, providing pristine natural vistas and interesting outlook to hill tribes.

Suggested Itinerary for Family Travel in Myanmar

Despite that interests and budget might differ, when you are in Myanmar you will definitely want to see the best possible. Rushing by is never the good answer and we have one great sample itinerary for you to max up your time and money.


10-Day Myanmar Family Adventure

  • Day-01 Mandalay Arrival
    Arrive in Mandalay. Transfer to hotel and free at leisure.
  • Day-02 Mandalay Highlights
    Morning visit Kuthodaw Pagoda and play hide-and-seek amoung the white chambers. Visit Mahagandayon Pagoda at lunch time and sunset boat ride near U Bein Bridge.
  • Day-03 Mandalay to Bagan
    Take a morning flight to Bagan and afternoon ride on e-bike to explore the temples. Climb up one of the pagodas for sunset view.
  • Day-04 Bagan Adventure
    More hidden temples and pagods are waiting for you to discover. Today you will also have a night visit when some famous pagodas are beautifully lit up.
  • Day-05 Bagan to Inle Lake
    Fly to Inle Lake. Check in hotel and free at leisure.
  • Day-06 Inle Lake Boat Ride
    Boat ride to visit the 5-Day Market and learn about lotus weaving. Free time for rest of today.
  • Day-07 Inle Lake Leisure Day
    Enjoy a full day free at leisure.
  • Day-08 Inle Lake to Yangon
    Early morning flight to Yangon. Check in hotel and visit Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset.
  • Day-09 Yangon Highlights
    Ride on Yangon Circular Train and visit a local market. Visit a monastery and chat with some novices. Walk along the Colonial District and stop by Scott Market.
  • Day-10 Yangon Departure
    Connect your international flight and fly back home.

For more details and hotel selection, please refer to our itinerary Myanmar Family Adventure

Gatsby Tips for the Well-Traveled

It's not easy to make up your mind for taking your family to Myanmar. Once decided, you need to be fully prepared. Here are some tips to start with.

  • Getting in
    Entry to Myanmar always involves with a stopover in the third country. Thailand is the most common and perhaps easiest one. For budget-friendly airfares, you might search for Bangkok - Mandalay/Yangon, Chiang Mai - Mandalay/Yangon by Air Asia.
  • Getting around Myanmar
    It's fun to try out local transportation but one time is just enough if you don't want to waste too much time on the bumpy roads and old buses. Domestic airlines fly early mornings between major cities, which saves your time and trouble.
  • Hotel Choice
    Once you are in Myanmar you will admit that a hotel with swimming pool is absolutely a must. Also, go for those who serve international food. Some international big brands might not meet your standards at home, might as well go with boutique local-run ones.
  • Stay Entertained and Relaxed
    The heat, ground transportation and early-morning flights could easily wear you out. Never a smart move to pack too many activities within one day and you may want to leave more time for Inle Lake as a relaxing end to the trip.

For more family travel tips, please read our article Travel Tips for Family Vacations to Myanmar.

Ready for a Family Adventure?

Great! Now you've decided to visit Myanmar for your next family vacation! Chat with our team and find out more!

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