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Controlling your fear, composition and narrative in a totally strange place is not easy-peasy. “So street photography can be scary” says Benjamin Lowy a New York-based photojournalist. If you look to getting your photo game to the next level, don’t miss out Yangon’s streets!


Why Photograph Yangon

  • Awe-inspiring photos take more than just skills, good timing does the half job and Yangon’s never short of good timing when it comes to street lives.
  • Glittering gold-layered pagodas springing out of rummy residences and faded colonial buildings, the color combo and composition are more than superb.
  • Lighting is never a headache and you don’t need the worried about running cars, all you need to do is seizing the right moment.
  • We have never seen nicer people than the Burmese, neither does your camera we’d bet.

Best Spots, Time and Ideas for Street Photos in Yangon

As Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon is still in a bit of hangover from its heyday and bracing some new changes coming along with more and more international investments and tourists. Besides the surreal view of a gleaming stupa poking out from the slumber, there is more to capture …

Shwedagon Pagoda & Sule Pagoda

They are literally the heart of the city. Everybody conducts their daily life in or near these two pagodas, religious rituals, shopping, commercial, schools and we are sure you can find more interesting shots than people burning incenses at the temple.
Best time: Mid-morning, sunset
Photo ideas: Close-up photos of people paying prayers sitting in line; get up to the top building and get a bird’s eye photo of the city; nighttime long exposure of traffic passing by the pagodas…

Local Markets

Markets are always street photographers’ favorite, also can be quite challenging. Locals being friendly actually lowers down the bars even for the beginners and you can take as many photos as you wish in front of these candid people. We would suggest a fix-focus camera or a medium lens.
Best time: Mid-day to the evening
Best spots: Chinatown, Little India, Insein Market and Bogyoke Aung San Market or any street side mini food court

Monks, Novices & Nuns

The best part of Yangon is the excesses chances to encounter monks, novices and nuns in their daily routine. Unlike other places in Myanmar, they are much more exposed to the modern world. Photos of a monk using iPhone can be quite interesting, right? But make sure you are granted permission before taking photos.
Best time: Early morning when they are on the first alms collection
Best spots: Kayalwa Monastery, Shwe Kyin Monastery and Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi Nunnery

Yangon’s Circular Train

Although hand-holding shooting on the train takes a bit of wit, it’s still worthy. Genuine, vibrant and fun photos of people living in the moment. Better have your camera at S-mode for movements.
Best time:Early morning or evening
Best spots: Yangon Central Station, Danyingon Station and any platform
Photo ideas: Markets by the tracks, locals waiting on the platform and inside the cargos, train station staff at work, old train stations and villages along the way...

Sunset and Night in Yangon

You know, Shwedagon Pagoda is not the only place in Yangon that you can make awesome sunset photos. If you don’t mind venturing out of the city, you can take a boat ride on the Yangon River with your camera gear. Or, capture the sparking giant boat by Kandawgyi Lake. You will sure need tripod.
Best spots: The Yangon River, Kandawagyi Lake and streets near the Sule Pagoda
Photo ideas: Fishermen going back home with their harvest, traffic lights in downtown and more...

Buildings & Streets

Street photography is all about the street scenes, yes sometimes. Chance is everywhere: colorful edifices dating back to the British colonial days, ragged house with clothe-drying poles sticking out from the balconies...time to practice your composition skills!
Best spots: Colonial district, Chinatown, Hlaing Township, Pagoda Road and Yangon University
Photo ideas: Architectures in different colors and shapes, people portraits and nighttime long-exposure photos of illuminated colonial buildings

Up for a Challenge?

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