12 Best Experiences in Cambodia

See, hear, touch, and learn, feel up Cambodia's unique charms

When we talk about the best things to do and see in Cambodia, we don't settle only on attractions or sightseeing. The 12 selective experiences that only Cambodia can offer allow you to understand the country and people better and you should totally include at least 8 of them in your itinerary.


Experiencing Cambodia in Your Way ...

  • Cambodia offers plenty of experiences in the aspects of history, cultures, local lifestyles, and art, each of which can be modified in the form you prefer.
  • Don't get overdosed by temples, ring the changes with cultural discovery, outdoor adventures, and local life immerse -- all based on your own interests.
  • Meet with friendly locals and your visit attributes in helping the local communities and preserving unique cultures.

12 Best Things to Do/See in Cambodia

Our selection of the top experiences in Cambodia gets on the beam of hands-on immersion with its cultures, religion, lifestyles, and history. Following the geographic order, these experiences can be easily wreathed into any itinerary.

1. History Review

Slowly fading yet still haunting, Cambodia's most known history phase of the Khmer Rouge brings mind-provoking insight (not exactly pleasant).
Places: Phnom Penh's Killing Fields and S21 Museum, Battambang's Killing Cave, Siem Reap's Wat Thmey and War Museum
Best Time: All-year around

3. Angkor Wat Insight Tour

Without a tour guide, the Angkor Wat Complex is just a pile of scattering rocks. More hidden corners, untold stories, and fun facts will be revealed on an insightful trip led by a local scholar, highly recommended for history buffs.
Places: Angkor Wat with a Khmer scholar
Best Time: All-year round, better in the morning

5. Sunrise or Sunset Viewing

Sunrise and sunset views are not only for the photographers. Image the sky burning with a backdrop of Angkor Wat's ruins or catch the last beam at dusk, it could all be epic!
Places: Pre Rup, East Mebon, and more
Best Time: All-year round, but sunrise might be gray during the rainy season

7. Cycling or Tuk Tuk Ride

The countryside around Siem Reap provides some very nice cycling routes to the remote abandoned temples and humble villages. Most hotels offer free bikes, why not make a fun day out of it? Or else, take a tuk tuk spin in Phnom Penh.
Places: All over Cambodia
Best Time: Better in the dry season

9. Tonle Sap Lake Mangrove by Pirogue

The Tonle Sap Lake holds important biodiversity and economic values. Aside from the much-visited tacky floating villages, you may take a pirogue ride through the flooded mangrove and explore the life of a floating village.
Places: Kampong Phluk Village
Best Time: Only in the wet season

11. Enjoy a Traditional Khmer Massage

Unlike the Thai massage that involves a lot of body stretching or Chinese massage with heavy presure on the acupoints, the traditional Khmer massage is entirely about relaxing limbs under moderate presure. Try out the 4-Hand Massage.
Places: Across the country
Best Time: All-year round

2. Street Life of Phnom Penh

Unlike Siem Reap where locals are mainly tourism-dependent, city life of Phnom Penh is much more interesting: street arts, local markets, monks walking around, and funky street food. Be a part of the action!
Places: Streets and markets in Phnom Penh
Best Time: All-year round, better at night

4. Wild Temple Adventure

To stay away from big crowds and unleash your inner tomb raider, we have a list of Less-Crowded Temples in Angkor Wat that helps you make an exciting adventure.
Places: Ta Som, Ta Keo, Neak Pean, East Mebon, Rolous, and more
Best Time: All-year, better in the dry season

6. Watch a Traditional Apsara Dance

Khmer traditional Apsara dance brings the Hinduism alive by beautifully twisted hand and leg movements and sparkling ornaments. Nowadays, more and more less-privileged youngsters are trained to become professional dancers.
Places: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh
Best Time: All-year round, usually dinner show

8. Try Khmer-French Cuisine

As a former French colony, Cambodia has intertwined French food with traditional Khmer tastes, grinding out its distinctive Khmer-inspired French dining fare. Get treated and inspired! We have a list of the best places to eat:
Places: Best Restaurants for Khmer Food
Best Time: All-year round

10. Trek in National Parks

As a country covered by massive unspoiled forest, Cambodia has a great number of national parks with great trekking trails. Learn about the ecosystem, discover hidden temples or take a dip in the waterfalls or ponds, enjoy yourself in nature.
Places: National Parks in Cambodia
Best Time: Better in the dry season

12. Relax on a Beach

Cambodia's beaches might not be the first option for beach lovers but it does offer a more pristine and undisturbed experiences at a better value, especially during the peak season in SE Asia when Thailand's beaches are flooded by tourists.
Places: Best Beaches in Cambodia
Best Time: Better in the dry season

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